Having fun learning to see...


I believe much of learning how to draw or paint is about learning how to see. We spend so much time associating words with symbols or icons that our brains have learned a sort of shorthand that keeps us from slowing down and really seeing what captures our creative spirit. 

Spend some time with me in my studio learning how to see while learning how to draw and paint. Private lessons are $50 for a two hour session. For Semi-Private lessons add $20 per person up to 4 people. 


Do you have a group of friends or colleagues that would like to spend some time letting go and be a little creative for a few hours? My home studio can accommodate up to 10 people. I am happy to come up with a custom design or you can choose from the images on the Picture Perfect Party Page.  It is BYO-non alcoholic beverage and any snacks you might want during breaks. I supply all the materials as well as a tasty gluten free treat. 

The cost is $30-$35 per person. 


To schedule at party or a lesson, please email me at: julie.h.weldon@gmail.com